Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visiting Hours

Dear customers, students, associates, and friends of Killer Kreations:

All visits to the Killer Kreations studio are strictly by appointment only. We are an extremely busy workplace and do not welcome walk-ins as they interfere with our ability to get work done in a timely manner. Constant distractions throughout the day can cause mistakes reducing the quality of our work. Since we stand behind our work 100% and guarantee the satisfaction of every customer we serve, we simply cannot allow it. All customers are welcomed to visit our studio, we just ask that you please be courteous and schedule an appointment before doing so.

Keep in mind we will no longer schedule appointments outside of normal business hours, including auto drop offs and pickups. Too many times we have done people the favor of accommodating their schedule and sticking around the shop until 8 or 9pm only to have them cancel on us at the last minute. No more! Our business hours are listed below.

To schedule an appointment or to discuss any matter by phone, please call our studio at 215-468-5837 or toll free 877-266-6673 and leave a message. Your call will be returned at our earliest convenience.

Thank You,
Christen Barilotti
Office Manager

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
Thursday 7pm-9pm Airbrush Class
Sunday & Monday CLOSED

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