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Throwback Thursday- Bikes, Bikes, and More Bikes

Over the years Freddy has painted all types of themes on all types of bikes. Here's a look at a few killer bikes from the past.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nina's Story

Freebie Friday Contest Winner:
Rick Solis's Winning Story About His Daughter Nina

Nina's Story

I have been blessed with 2 wonderful, talented kids. They both make me very proud, however, my daughter, Nina never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Nina, who is now 15 years old, suffered a horrendous swimming pool accident at our house when she was 6 years old. She damaged her jaw, and lost 11 permanent teeth. She has lived her entire life with a two retainers (Top and bottom) with fake teeth inserted in them. She has endured the embarrassment of removing her teeth in public places to eat, and to clean them after meals. She has been waiting her whole life to mature to an age where she can get her surgery to insert permanent prosthetic teeth.

Earlier this year she underwent a bone graft, and implanting of the inserts for her teeth on her bottom jaw. She endured the pain like a trooper, and did everything the doctors told her to do. She thanked me for saving up the money for the surgery and implants, and volunteered to help pay for it, by giving up dancing. (Made me cry)

Last week, she went to the doctor, thinking that she would finally be able to lead a normal life, to kiss a boy without embarrassment, to eat in public without having to take out her dentures.
The poor kid got dealt another blow, as the bone graft rejected, and they had to re-do the entire process yesterday. Additional months of pain, suffering, and not eating real food…….and still no teeth to show for it.

The amazing part of this story, is that never once has she uttered a negative word about anything. Even facing the most recent adversity, she remains optimistic that soon she will be normal.

Even more amazing, is the fact that she is very driven, loyal, and committed to everything she does. She is selfless in every way.

She decided not to attend a conventional high school, and instead, entered a program with only 18 kids designed for medical arts. No school dances, no prom, no football games, etc. She chose this program because she is committed to someday working in the medical field with children.

For several years she has hosted an Alex’s Lemonade Stand in honor of a little girl with Leukemia. The little girl’s name is Madison Ferris, and her face book foundation is “All 4 Maddie”. Nina continually sits at the stand in public places where everyone around her is having fun, raising thousands and thousands of dollars for the foundation…….in Maddie’s name.

She also raises money for a foundation called “Rider Down”, which benefits incapacitated motorcycle riders with little or no health insurance. She sits at motorcycle races all day in the heat selling bead necklaces and trinkets that she made by herself. She even uses her own money to buy the supplies, and always has little kids around her stand making bead jewelry, that she gives to them for free.

She also volunteers as a counselor at a summer camp for kids 3 days a week throughout the entire summer, while attending Ballet School, where she is an accomplished dancer, 4 nights a week. She is extremely dedicated to her dancing, and has earned every role she’s been awarded. She would love to attend the School of Performing Arts in Philadelphia, but is ok with attending nursing school to become a nurse practitioner.

A small, scraggly, baby horse was born on our farm, and Nina decided that she wanted to train it herself. The scraggly little filly has matured into a gorgeous animal, and Nina took that wild little baby, and trained it, all by herself, to ride. Nina was never taught how to train horses. She taught herself, while she was teaching the filly. She is riding it in 2 of the pictures attached, and it has been very rewarding to me to witness Nina’s patience along the way.

Last, she has a little pony that I bought for her when she was about 6 years old. It is way too small for her to ride any longer. She refuses to sell the pony, because she’s so attached to it. She decided that it wasn’t fair to the pony to not be ridden, so she and her pony teach little kids how to ride and care for horses, and makes the pony happy by spending time with her. She has never charged any little kid one cent for the experience, and one of her students has gone on to compete in equestrian events on her own. Every little girl dreams of riding a pony. Nina fulfills their dreams, and more…….without ever asking a dime in return. Even when her friends are out doing teenager things, Nina is out there giving little kids a great opportunity.

She has never gotten anything but straight “A’s” her entire life, and is a Brown belt in Tae Kwan Do. She also participates in, and raises money for a charity 5k run, every year, called “Run For Ricky”. Dedication and commitment are understatements.

My daughter is my inspiration, and is the catalyst that keeps me going. Her positive energy is contagious, and no matter what adversity she faces, she seems to find the glimmer of hope through the clouds. She NEVER complains and always sees the positives in every situation, no matter how bad it is. Her motto is: “If you think you have it bad, there’s someone out there who has it worse”

Nina and her Horse

Luisa's Story

Freebie Friday Contest Winner:
Nicole Michel's Winning Story About Her Daughter Luisa

Luisa's Story

This story is about the birth of my daughter, Luisa. She was born at 25 weeks, or five and a half months, weighing only 1lb 12 ½ oz. In some states the doctors are not even required to try to save babies born that early. Making it through day one was a miracle in and of itself. Giving little hope for her quality of life, the doctors informed us that she may never walk or talk, and would most certainly have a difficult road ahead. This was no doubt scary, but we had to be strong and push forward. Her life depended on it.

She began fighting for her life the moment she was born, and has not stopped fighting ever since. Her lungs were underdeveloped, her skin was transparent, and she developed a brain hemorrhage. At ten days old she underwent heart surgery. With a fighting spirit, she was determined to prove the doctors wrong. On day thirty-two of her stay in the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit), still barely 2lbs, she repeatedly pulled the ventilator tubes out and began breathing on her own. This was a big surprise. A clear sign her will to live was strong. She continued to “break the mold” as doctors would say, healing faster than expected, recovering better than expected, and persevering against all odds.

After spending seventy-seven days in the NICU, we were finally home, but her struggle was in no way over. She had bi-lateral hernia surgery at six months old, and at eight months old she was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. A shunt was placed in the front left part of her brain. Yes, brain surgery at eight months old! And later two more brain surgeries when she was two. Physically her development was slow. Knowing she needed early intervention, when she was eighteen months old we moved to Orlando, FL, where we enrolled her in United Cerebral Palsy, a charter school for children with disabilities. Within six months her physical development began to improve, and she was sitting up, rolling over, and lying on her stomach for the first time. As she began to become mobile, we noticed the right side of her body was weak. We learned that the hemorrhage on the left side of her brain caused brain damage, and then Hydrocephalus, affecting the right side of her body. At this time she was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Again, she was determined not to let this stop her. She would do what I call commando crawl, pulling her entire weight across the ground with just her left arm. Then came walking on her knees, no matter what, she was going to walk.

Luisa’s body was working against her, and she just kept fighting back. She began having seizures when she was four. Shortly after that she had a surgery on tendons in her thighs, after which she was able to walk with a walker. The most exciting moment of all was when she began walking on her own at five years old! First it was just ten steps, but within a few days there was no stopping her, miraculously she was walking everywhere! The doctors eventually stopped telling us what they thought would happen, as she was not typically developing like a child with her conditions would. She had another surgery on her right leg when she was eight years old. They broke her right femur to reposition her leg and hips, and she was in a body cast for six weeks. After the cast was removed, she had to learn how to walk all over again. But she fought and worked hard to recover quickly, and was out of her wheelchair within six months. Also at eight years old, she had two surgeries on her right arm to improve the functionality. Although the surgeries on her arm helped a little, it was mostly cosmetic. She still struggles with being unilateral and has limited use of her right hand.

Luisa’s fight will never be over, but despite these obstacles, and the doctor’s doubts, she has faced every trial with a resilience and perseverance that is unmatched. Proving to be an inspiration, she never allows her disability to limit her ability, and finds a way to do whatever she wants. She began dancing when she was five in a dance therapy class, then later a regular dance class, working hard to keep up no matter what. She has done horseback riding, participates in acting classes/workshops, has appeared in a public service announcement, and even worked a little with a talent agency doing textbook photography work. There is no stopping her. She is going to live this life to the fullest. I am honored to be the parent of a living miracle.

Luisa at her Dance Recital

Best Story Contests Winners

We'd like to thank everyone who entered our contest. We truly enjoyed reading all of the amazing stories we received which made it a difficult decision.

We chose two winners...Congratulations to Nicole Michel and to Rick Solis!

Nicole's story is about her miracle daughter Luisa who was born a fighter and has never given up, defying the odds against her. Rick's story is about his well-rounded 15 year old daughter Nina who selflessly spends her time helping others. These girls are impressive and such an inspiration and could teach us all a lesson on what it means to be dedicated. Their stories will be posted soon. Pictures of the artwork they won will also be posted here on our blog and on facebook once they're completed. Videos of the artwork from start to finish will also be posted on youtube.

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Throwback Thursday- Freddy on LA Ink

THROWBACK THURSDAY: In 2009 Freddy went to High Voltage Tattoo in LA to be tattooed by Kat Von D which was filmed and aired on LA Ink. Here's a 6 minute clip of Freddy's story from the episode. 1:32-1:37 freezes but the rest of the video is ok. To watch the full episode or for better quality you can find it on itunes (LA Ink Season 4 Episode 7 "Feelings Rule").

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Freebie Friday: Best Story Contest

We want to hear your story. It can be on any topic, but it should be about something significant in your life. Something unique, creative, heartfelt, happy, sad, funny, or all of the above. Tell us about the birth of your child, how you proposed to your wife, your obsession with sports, a hardship you suffered, the death of a family member, overcoming a fear, addiction, or an illness, how someone saved your life, being stationed in Iraq, or anything that you experienced in your life that you think will interest us. The best story will win artwork by Killer Kreations. When you submit your story, also include the type of artwork you'd like to get if you are the winner. The artwork should have something to do with your story. It could be a canvas painting, a small mural, a tattoo sketch, a business logo, graphics on your guitar, a digital design, etc. So for example if your story is about your wedding day, you may want to get a portrait of you and your spouse airbrushed on canvas for your anniversary. Automotive artistry is excluded- NO free artwork will be done on bikes, cars, trucks, or trailers.

Stories and artwork requests along with your name and contact information must be submitted by email to Type "Freebie Friday Best Story Contest" in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is next Friday July 22nd. You have one week to send in your greatest story. The winner will be announced on Saturday July 23rd and if permitted, the story may be published on our blog site. If we do not receive enough submissions, the deadline will be extended. If we receive tons of submissions then two or three winners may be chosen.

Canvas Portriat Sample

Sketch Sample

Sketch turned Digital Sample

Small Mural Sample

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