Friday, July 15, 2011

Freebie Friday: Best Story Contest

We want to hear your story. It can be on any topic, but it should be about something significant in your life. Something unique, creative, heartfelt, happy, sad, funny, or all of the above. Tell us about the birth of your child, how you proposed to your wife, your obsession with sports, a hardship you suffered, the death of a family member, overcoming a fear, addiction, or an illness, how someone saved your life, being stationed in Iraq, or anything that you experienced in your life that you think will interest us. The best story will win artwork by Killer Kreations. When you submit your story, also include the type of artwork you'd like to get if you are the winner. The artwork should have something to do with your story. It could be a canvas painting, a small mural, a tattoo sketch, a business logo, graphics on your guitar, a digital design, etc. So for example if your story is about your wedding day, you may want to get a portrait of you and your spouse airbrushed on canvas for your anniversary. Automotive artistry is excluded- NO free artwork will be done on bikes, cars, trucks, or trailers.

Stories and artwork requests along with your name and contact information must be submitted by email to Type "Freebie Friday Best Story Contest" in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is next Friday July 22nd. You have one week to send in your greatest story. The winner will be announced on Saturday July 23rd and if permitted, the story may be published on our blog site. If we do not receive enough submissions, the deadline will be extended. If we receive tons of submissions then two or three winners may be chosen.

Canvas Portriat Sample

Sketch Sample

Sketch turned Digital Sample

Small Mural Sample

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