Monday, October 31, 2011

DJ Pauly D's Bike

Friday October 14, 2011 was the unveiling of the Killer Kreations DUB edition Pauly D Bike at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

The bike was designed, painted, and built by Killer Kreations.

Compliments of Suzuki through Allan Lane of Sportbikes Inc Magazine
Build & Artwork- Killer Kreations
Paint- PPG
Airbrushes- Badger Airbrush
Parts- Yana Shiki & 4ACP
Wheels- Greg Thomason Performance
Brakes- Brembo
Tires- Avon Tyres
Swing Arm- Unknown Customs
Seats- J&J Seats
Air Ride- Tricky Air
LED Kit- Boogie Lights
Apparel- Icon Motorsports
Shipping- Echo Logistics
Sponsorship- Matheson Select

Killer Kreations Team:
Fred Sicoli, Christen Sicoli, Steve LaFrance, Austin Ragno, Manny Perez, Harry Berkley, Carlos Adems (Rocksteady Transport), & Kyle Gamble (Stuntsteel 4ACP)

Pauly D's Team:
Pauly DelVecchio, Ryan Labbe, Biggie, Jerry, Jimmy from 9Group, Jroc, AKPR, & Palms Casino

DUB Crew:
Myles Kovacs, Walter Segovia, John Ramos, Roman Racela & everyone else at DUB that works to make the shows and magazine possible.


  1. Who bulit the swingarm?

  2. Unknown Customs built the swingarm

  3. Why is it all the famous people get the free stuff

  4. Because famous people get publicity. You give them free stuff and in return they give you free advertising.

  5. How much would it cost to get a a bike built like that?

  6. It depends on a lot of different things..but about $60,000