Friday, January 6, 2012

Pauly D Custom Bike Project Credits

Some people are causing confusion regarding the Pauly D custom bike project and who is or isn't getting credit for it so I, Christen Sicoli, want to clear things up and set the record straight. This was a Killer Kreations project from the beginning; the idea was entirely Freddy’s. I got the ball rolling by getting in contact with Pauly's team and Freddy maintained close contact with them regularly while working on designing a bike to match Pauly's style. He chose the parts, designed the artwork/theme, and painted the bike. The bike, a Suzuki GSX-R compliments of Suzuki through Allan Lane of Sportbikes Inc Magazine, was taken a part and put together by our guys Harry Berkley and Steve LaFrance. The parts were obtained through various companies, some were paid for, some were sponsored. We did our part making sure everyone who contributed their time, work, and resources received credit and thanks. We're not responsible for anyone who posts a picture or video and fails to list every single person involved, every single time. Our guy Austin Ragno created a large board that lists the names of everyone involved which was displayed by the bike at the 2011 Sema Show and will be displayed at every other event the bike is at in the future. When I posted photos of the bike on our facebook, I included everyone’s name in the album description as well as in the description of each photo. Credits were also included on our blog site when we first announced the unveiling, and credits are included in the DUB Magazine article which is in the January/February 2012 issue, not to mention the names of the sponsors were painted on the bike itself by Freddy. I'm not sure how much more credit could be given, but here are the names of the sponsors and companies involved once again…

Suzuki GSX-R compliments of Suzuki through Allan Lane of Sportbikes Inc Magazine
Build & Artwork- Killer Kreations
Paint- PPG
Airbrushes- Badger Airbrush
Parts- Yana Shiki & 4ACP
Wheels- Greg Thomason Performance
Brakes- Brembo
Tires- Avon Tyres
Swing Arm- Unknown Customs
Seats- J&J Seats
Air Ride- Tricky Air
LED Kit- Boogie Lights
Apparel- Icon Motorsports
Shipping- Echo Logistics
Sponsorship- Matheson Select

Killer Kreations Team:
Fred Sicoli, Christen Sicoli, Steve LaFrance, Austin Ragno, Manny Perez, Harry Berkley, Carlos Adems (Rocksteady Transport), & Kyle Gamble (Stuntsteel 4ACP)

Pauly D's Team:
Pauly DelVecchio, Ryan Labbe, Biggie, Jerry, Jimmy from 9Group, Jroc, AKPR, & Palms Casino

DUB Crew:
Myles Kovacs, Walter Segovia, John Ramos, Roman Racela & everyone else at DUB that works to make the shows and magazine possible.

Credits Board

Painted Sponsor Name & DUB Edition Emblem

Painted Sponsor Names

Painted Sponsor Names

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  1. if people are mad about not getting credited, then kick there teeth down there throat and watch them choak to death!1